About Us

Grandpa’s House is committed to providing safe and effective homes and programs for people in early recovery from chemical dependency and other mental illness.

Grandpa’s House offers basic tools of recovery from chemical dependency and other mental illnesseses for those who are ready and willing to start again. It is based on a structured program and spiritual principals. We at Grandpa’s House provide family/group support systems in which each resident is required to participate in on a daily basis.

Residents meeting Grandpa’s House requirements receive many benefits. The house offers teaching of basic skills for living and personal growth in a supportive nurturing environment. Some of the issues addressed at Grandpa’s include: self-centeredness, anger management, power and control, fear, victim mindset, honesty, spiritual bankruptcy and self esteem. A human resources consultant provides job placement training for those needing to obtain work in order to fulfill financial responsibilities. The program focuses on forming the habits of showing respect and sensitivity to others, learning communication skills, following instructions, accepting criticism and/or compliments, disagreeing appropriately, and finding new behavior for conflict resolution. Developing relationships is a natural benefit of the family atmosphere in the House.

Grandpa’s House selection process admits persons who truly desire recovery. Once this is established, implementing the aforementioned principles along with developing respect for one’s self and others through the help of their higher power is absolutely attainable. We see people learn to love life sober – everyday!